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Web entrepreneurs meetup

September 24, 2011
I'm back in a working routine, with a mix of client and startup work and learning some new technologies. Working at home tends to get tiresome after a while. In Boston I used to have a part-time membership at a co-working space. In the last few months there, I organized a few "developer co-working meetups", to get a bunch of developers (who work with different frameworks) to work in the same space for a day, doing their own thing, but also chatting and discovering points of common interest and collaboration.

So I was very excited when I was invited to a similar event here in BsAs, organized by a bunch of fellow web developers/entrepreneurs from Argentina, the U.S., Norway, and Britain. (Some of these guys seem to be from everywhere or nowhere, having lived in a dozen countries so far.) They meet weekly, and I joined them last week. Collectively in the group there were some Ruby on Rails developers, a few BsAs-based software shops, a few startups still at the brainstorming stage, and two expat freelancers including myself. We chatted a little while working, and went to lunch in the middle. The conversations spanned development techniques, mobile market saturation, how to pool resources for sales management, obstacles to starting a business in Argentina, and a lot more.

I love this global entrepreneur spirit, and I hope to continue attending each week.

- Ben

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