Buenos Aires, by Noelia Diaco. Photo is not visible, used only for sharing on social networks.

Our hunt for limes

September 2, 2011
Ben came home yesterday with a nice surprise — cachaca to make caipirinhas. There weren't any limes at the supermarket, but the employee made them sound easy to find. (As Ben tells it he said, "Blah blah blah Carrefour blah Santa Fe," leading us to conclude that all we had to do was go to the larger supermarket a few blocks away.)

So today we had a list of tasks — get cell phone plans, buy basic cooking supplies and find limes. Cell phone plans, it turns out, are virtually impossible to get without the Argentine equivalent of a Social Security number (more on that once we figure out a solution). Basic cooking equipment can be easily purchased on the major shopping avenue near our apartment, as can foodstuffs like butter, salt and cookies. But limes are nowhere to be found.

We've now tried three different supermarkets and half a dozen fruit and vegetables stores, and nothing. If anyone has been to Buenos Aires, and knows where to find limes, let us know (we'll make you a caipirinha in thanks). Until then, we'll keep walking into verdulerías and asking for the elusive limas.

- Steph


  1. Thank you for posting the wikipedia links!! :) It looks like you two are doing really well! Keep us updated and have fun!!

    - Kelsey

    PS - Can't figure out how to change my blogger name from 2008... if you get tired of looking for limas and know how to I'd appreciate the help..

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  3. I want to know how to change mine too!

  4. Ask Kelsey. She figured it out. I think she logged in with a different email address and created a new username.

  5. Got them at Carrefour yesterday. The one at Paseo Alcorta. Very expensive though.

    The cell phone situation is easily solved, albeit more expensive. You have to get a pay as you go cell phone and buy a "tarjeta de telefono" at newsstands. You have to charge them regularly as the minutes expire about every 30 days or so. We moved here earlier this year and have learned a few tricks and tips. So feel free to ask us. Best of luck!


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