Buenos Aires, by Noelia Diaco. Photo is not visible, used only for sharing on social networks.

Argentina here we come!

August 31, 2011

We're sitting in the terminal at Logan, boarding a full plane in a few minutes. Our luggage checked in at .5 pounds below the limit. Hasta luego USA!

Finding a place for our stuff, with Sketchup

August 27, 2011
By Ben

We're each bringing to Argentina two suitcases and two carry-ons. Shipping a crate is too expensive, and we don't need that much stuff anyway. The rest of our things, we're either selling, throwing away, or putting in storage.

I like the idea of throwing things away and starting fresh every year or two - otherwise I'll end up with a house full of old shit collecting dust, and need a bigger house to hold all of it... as George Carlin so brilliantly put it:

Anyway, how much storage space do we need for the stuff we think is important enough to keep for a year? (That's the stuff I'll open in a year and not think, why the hell did I keep this in a box all year?) To figure that out, I turned to Sketchup (Google's free 3D/CAD tool). There were many options - big units, small units, PODs, a lot of known items to put in them (dresser, bed, bicycle, etc), and an unknown number of boxes. It came out like this:

The best option seemed to be a large unit, 8'x8'8x6'. It would probably have a little more space than necessary, but it would leave some walking space, and leeway for things we haven't anticipated. It should end up looking something like this:

Last days in Cambridge

August 14, 2011
By Steph

Experimenting with my new camera lens in Harvard Square.

Stop 1: Verizon store to shop for phones for Argentina. Totally useless. Stop 2: Au Bon Pain and the Verizon website. I am now a smartphone owner for the first time.

Stop 3: Camera store for accessories. Photography isn't cheap. Stop 4: Chipotle for vittles.

Stop 5: Shade in the square while we look for health and gear insurance.

Stop 6: Grendel's for pre-Harry Potter sangria. Stop 7: The magical world of J.K. Rowling.

Final stop: Mad Men.

Nantucket getaway

August 3, 2011
We spent Sunday on Nantucket, once the whaling capital of the world, now a summer playground for the rich. With cobblestoned streets, winding bike paths and a plenty of sailboats to ogle, it made for a fun day trip.

On the ferry ride over. Ready for a day of riding.
An umbrella just for the dog.