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Cuba: Propaganda Billboards

May 22, 2016
Start at the beginning of our trip to CubaWe've also compiled all our Havana recommendations into a printable map and guide.

There is no corporate advertising in Cuba, except the signs directly on storefronts.

There is tons of political propaganda, however. Images of Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and Camilo Cienfuegos are ubiquitous. Along the roads there are large billboards.

These are some of the signs we saw in Havana and driving to Viñales.

"Fatherland or death!"
"Health for all"
Fidel Castro in guerilla uniform with a rifle
"We continue in combat" – with Fidel Castro and the Granma,
the boat in which Castro's band landed/crashed in Cuba from Mexico.
"Only human will can save the world"
Fidel, "Fatherland or death, we will prevail!"
"The Party, a secure guarantee of the unity of the Cubans"
"This is the party of all the battles"
"Let's take care of nature"
"Faithful to our history"
"Revolution: A daily feat yesterday and today"
(with Fidel and Camilo Cienfuegos)
"The Revolution will continue forward"

- Ben

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