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Spanish lesson #3: Getting a haircut

September 11, 2011
We both got our hair cut in the last few days. Hair isn't something you want to screw up, so I practiced some new vocab before venturing out.

Hair is pelo, and a haircut is a corte de pelo. To get a haircut is cortarse de pelo. Curls are rizos. I like my hair a little curly, me gusta un poco rizado. I wanted it not too short, no demasiado corto, no more than dos centimetros, and with scissors, con tijeras. Sideburns are patillas.

Vocab rehearsed, I went around the block and quickly found a decent-looking hair salon/barbershop. I was the first customer of the day. I was hoping the barber would strike up a conversation, as barbers tend to do, so I could learn a few more words. But this was a silent one, he didn't say a word after I told him my rehearsed instructions. At least it came out looking nice!

- Ben

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