Buenos Aires, by Noelia Diaco. Photo is not visible, used only for sharing on social networks.

Day 6: Starting home

November 17, 2011
Read a more complete version of Day 6 of our motorcycle trip here.

End of day 6, a long, beautiful ride from Purmurarca south, heading back home. We're camping by the side of the road to Pozo Ondo (a few km past the town, off of rt34). A regional government employee named Mario stopped by and chatted while we cooked dinner. (He liked our chamomile tea, probably not common around here.) He inquired about our rental costs, and shared that he earns 1100 pesos per month, about US$3000 per year. So this 8 day trip cost a good portion of his annual salary; an interesting thought. We have 4.5 liters of water which should be fine until morning, then we'll head for Santiago del Estero to refill and eat breakfast.

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