Buenos Aires, by Noelia Diaco. Photo is not visible, used only for sharing on social networks.

My mom visits California

June 7, 2014
It could be a series: "My mom visits ________." First Argentina, now California. Next, we'll have to move somewhere crazy. Third installment: "My mom visits Siberia." That's obviously not happening, but my mom did visit us in San Francisco in March. We spent a night in Napa, where she was attending a conference, and then drove down to Carmel together. After the Boston winter, she was pretty excited to see the California sun. All photos taken with my iPhone.

santa cruz coffeeshop bakery lemon tree
Coffee in Santa Cruz, sitting next to a lemon tree.
pebble beach carmel
Pebble Beach

dog friendly beach carmel
We walked down the beach every morning.

Lounging by the pool
pink purple flowers
My mom loves flowers.

17 mile drive cypress tree
17-Mile Drive. I had never done this because motorcycles are prohibited.

seal pupping harbor monterey

lone cypress tree
The lone cypress

- Steph

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