Buenos Aires, by Noelia Diaco. Photo is not visible, used only for sharing on social networks.

Hiking Mt. Tam

April 27, 2014
When Ben's sister Miriam visited from Israel, we took the opportunity to correct one of our Bay Area oversights: we had never visited Mount Tamalpais. It's a popular camping and hiking destination just north of the city, but we've always bypassed it on our way to Point Reyes. We hiked the 6.5-mile Steep Ravine-Matt Davis Trail, starting from Stinson Beach. Everytrail says about the hike: "Cutting deep into the landscape over millennia the water rushing through Webb Creek has created a spectacularly steep sided and lush canyon shaded by towering redwood trees and populated with a wide variety of local flora and fauna. ... The coastal section of the Matt Davis Trail promises wide sweeping ocean views."

The previous photos were taken by Miriam. The following are by me and Ben.

- Steph

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