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We're moving (again)

February 7, 2012
Thanks to our cranky old landlord, we're moving again.

By law, we can sign a lease for a maximum of six months, which we did back in October. We were then supposed to be able to renew the lease at the end of March. But our landlord, who is old and cranky and just doesn't want to be a landlord - or simply wants a tenant who will pay illegally in dollars, we don't know - said he doesn't want to rent our apartment anymore.

And unfortunately, thanks to inflation and the government taking away energy subsidies, rents have gone up substantially since we last looked for an apartment. The same company we rented from the first time had another apartment available in the same building, and after some searching around, we decided to go with that one. It's not perfect (it's more money than we're paying now, and doesn't have a washing machine), but we wanted to stay in the same neighborhood. On the upside, we'll have a TV.

Here are a few photos. We move at the end of March.

Tomorrow, we'll post some more thoughts on the whole process of renting an apartment as a foreigner.

- Steph

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