Buenos Aires, by Noelia Diaco. Photo is not visible, used only for sharing on social networks.

Vegetables for dinner

February 21, 2012
We're thrilled — our verdulería didn't shut down for good, it was just on vacation for six weeks! To celebrate its reopening, we made a vegetable feast.

Avocado and lime salad

avocado lime salad
I'm not hooked on newest social network craze Pinterest, but I did find this recipe and the following one on there.

Zucchini-eggplant napoleons with tomato, basil, and mozzarella

zucchini eggplant napoleans
Peaches in a reduced wine sauce

This one thanks to our friends Sean and Katie, who were visiting BA this week.

peaches reduced red wine sauce
We forgot to take a photo of the finished product, but here's the dish in progress.

And Ben learned a new trick from the waiter at La Brigada:

red wine malbec argentina

- Steph & Ben

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