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Tourists for day: Oakland + Berkeley

January 20, 2016
Instead of skiing this weekend, we posed as tourists for a day and explored the East Bay. With our brightly colored rain jackets, hiking boots and DSLR, we were so convincing that a vendor at the farmer's market asked us, "Where are you visiting from?"

We started in downtown Oakland, but everything was closed, so we proceeded to the Oakland waterfront, where we enjoyed a delicious pizza at Forge. From there, we walked to a hole-in-the-wall bookstore in uptown Oakland, where Ben bought a book on naval tactics. We hopped on the BART to the Rockridge neighborhood and after tasting some olive oil at Market Hall, on our way to another bookstore, we stumbled upon a restaurant called Bourbon and Beef (we didn't make it to the bookstore). We ate dinner at Ramen Shop, where everything was amazing, and finished the night with a concert by the Ruth Moody Band at Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse in Berkeley.

Eating lunch at Forge

Downtown Oakland

Swan's Market, unfortunately closed for the day

Ramen Shop for dinner

Bourbon and Beef for pre-dinner drinks
Forge in Jack London Square

- Steph

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