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Weekend trip: Dry Creek Valley

March 1, 2015
Over President's Day weekend, we made a snap decision to hop on the motorcycle and head up to wine country. I booked a spot at Liberty Glen, one of the only campgrounds with sites available. It turned out to be nearly empty and beautiful, with wide open sites and views of the surrounding hills. I never would have found it if I hadn't been booking at the last minute.

We spent Sunday exploring the vineyards in Dry Creek Valley and crashed the wine club party at Truett Hurst Vineyards. Their Zinfandels were excellent and they encourage you to explore the grounds with your wine. We sipped ours while sitting by the river.

We took the scenic route home along Route 1, driving in and out of the fog. The area around northern Sonoma/Mendocino is one of my favorite parts of California, and this trip made me like it even more.

- Steph

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