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We got a GoPro!

March 8, 2014
I've been wanting to buy a GoPro for a long time. They're a very popular line of action video cameras, and the quality of the product is supposed to be nearly as good as their marketing. (If you have a few hours to burn with incredible action footage, check out their featured videos.) Whenever I motorcycle, or sail, or ski, I think it would be great to capture it on a GoPro.

We thought about getting one last year, but ran the numbers, and with all the accessories we'd need (motorcycle mount, ski helmet mount, wifi remote), we decided it was too expensive. We figured we'd wait until the next line comes out and the current line goes on sale. But Steph decided to surprise me and buy me one for my birthday! Actually a few weeks before my birthday, but just in time for the ski trip we're planning to Tahoe next week. She applied her deal-hunting wizardry and figured out a way to combine discounted gift cards for REI with a clearance coupon from a branch that closed, bringing the price down a bunch.

To practice using it before we ski next week, and because we hadn't been on the bike in a while, we took a little ride up Route 1 to Stinson Beach, with the GoPro attached to the windshield. I put together this video when we got home:

- Ben

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