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Riding through Marin County

December 11, 2012
Northern California is a motorcyclist's paradise.

On our last trip we went south from San Francisco. This past Sunday, we rode north to Marin County. We followed the route described in this article, a 47-mile loop starting at Point Reyes Station.

Point Reyes is 33 miles out of San Francisco, around an hour and a half from home, over the Golden Gate Bridge and along route 1. We had driven there on our car trip in September, but the sharp curves on that part of route 1 are definitely most enjoyable on two wheels.

At Point Reyes we had lunch at the same place as last time, at the Station House Cafe. Judging from the bikes parked outside, it's very popular with bikers, and the food is very good.


We got a later start than originally planned, so rather than do the loop clockwise as suggested, we decided to do it counter-clockwise, giving us the option of cutting across to route 101 if it got dark too early. But it wasn't necessary; we did the loop faster than the article predicted, and made it all the way back to SF before it was too dark. It's a good thing, because the last leg along Tomales Bay was incredible.

The loop took around two hours and was full of amazing hills, curves, coastal views, cow pastures, and small lakes. (All the photos were taken by the bike's rear-mounted camera, aka Steph.)

Click on the photos for a slideshow view.

One of these days, we'll get someone to take a picture of both of us on the bike.

Back over the Golden Gate Bridge

- Ben

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