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San Francisco Day 1

September 8, 2012
We're in San Francisco!

We flew Virgin America, the flight was nice and uneventful. Their shtick is pay-as-you-go, no free food, but they sell food during the flight (as well as movies, wifi, etc), and the roast beef wrap we bought was actually pretty good.

Our first view of San Francisco, coming out of the BART station

From SFO we took the BART into the city. We purchased Clipper Cards for BART and MUNI transport (the equivalent of Charlie Cards in Boston or SUBE card in Buenos Aires). A crowded bus ride later, we arrived at the neighborhood where we're staying for the next ten days, at a room we found via AirBnB.

Our temporary neighborhood

Our primary goal for the next two weeks is finding a place to live starting in October. So with our luggage set down, and after a delicious hamburger lunch, we started exploring neighborhoods. We did a six mile loop through NoPa, Haight, Noe Valley, Castro, and the Mission, including some very steep hills. We got a sense for what the neighborhoods feel like, where there's public transportation, where there are nearby shops and restaurants, where it felt sketchy.

The city is beautiful (obviously). The views from some of the summits were amazing. The weather today was perfect for walking, mid-60s and sunny.

A really big San Francisco hill.
At least the hills are worth it. View of the bay.

On the way back, we bought groceries and a bottle of California Pinot Noir. In a little while we'll cook some dinner and start scouring Craigslist for apartment listings.

- Ben

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