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Buenos Aires: Itinerary for visitors

May 8, 2012
My mom is coming to visit at the end of the month (!) so I'm working on devising an itinerary for her. Here's what I have so far. For any travelers to Buenos Aires, what am I missing? What should we skip?


Boca: I wasn't that impressed when I went. It's mostly just a small touristy strip with brightly-colored houses. But maybe it's one of those landmarks you're just supposed to see when you come to BsAs. Ben hasn't been, maybe he'll want to come.

Recoleta cemetery/crafts fair: Saturday, or any day if we skip the crafts fair. I quite like it personally, but there's a lot of crafts in San Telmo too. I should remember to bring a map to the cemetery so we know what's worth seeing.

San Telmo antiques fair: Sunday. Plus I love any excuse to see more of San Telmo.

Tigre: If it's not too cold, we would love to rent kayaks in Tigre. If we can't, maybe not worth a whole day.

El Ateno bookstore: One of the coolest bookstores I've ever visited.

Teatro Colon: There's a piano concert on May 26 or guided tours for 110 pesos.

Downtown: Congreso, Casa Rosada, Obelisco, Plaza de Mayo etc.

MALBA: Half-price on Wednesdays.

Museo Bellas Artes: Never been. Any other museums worth visiting?


Tango class: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday nights at DNI Tango.

Tango show: Never been to one. Ooh, the qualifying rounds for the City's Tango Dance Championship 2012 will be held between May 10 and 26.


Osaka/Lima Mia: The Peruvian-Japanese fusion trend is one of my favorites in the Buenos Aires restaurant scene. We've had really good meals at both Osaka and Lima Mia (not as much at Paru) and my mom really likes fish, so it seems we should hit up one of those. I'm leaning toward Lima Mia, for the pisco sours and cheaper menu.

Parilla: You can't come to BsAs without eating in a parrilla, but my mom's not much of a steak-eater, so I think we only need to go to one. We've tried Donca (excellent the first time, just OK the second), Don Julio (good but nothing special), and La Brigada (touristy but fun once).

Miranda: One of my favorite go-to restaurants in the city. One huge benefit is that visitors can get their steak fill while I enjoy an enormous salad. Plus the cocktails are amazing.

Olsen: For brunch?

Puerta cerrada: Another cool trend — restaurants in people's homes. We've only been to Cocina Sunae, so it would be great to branch out. Accepting recommendations.

Cumana: Great for traditional Argentine food, and not too expensive. Have to go one night, and maybe order wine out of penguin pitchers.

Dada: Highly recommended but never been. Maybe for one day when we're exploring downtown.

- Steph


  1. My recommendation for a tango show is not one of the expensive dinner/shows, but the new musical Chantecler Tango at Teatro Presidente Alvear on Corrientes 1659. The cheap seats are for the Wednesday performance at 9:00pm -- 40 pesos in the balcony (platea alta).

    Take your mom for Tea at the glorious Confiteria Las Violetas at the corner Rivadavia and Medrano. The Maria Cala is for three persons, 140 pesos. www.lasvioletas.com I'm planning to go there next week with a friend.

    If you like Italian, try Pinuccio y Figli at the corner of Chile and Pasco in Balvanera. It's highly recommended in restaurant guides and happens to be in my neighborhood. The antipasta table is fabulous.

    My other favorites are Plaza Mayor (seafood) and Campo del Fiori (Italian) at Venezuela and San Jose in Montserrat.

  2. Thanks so much! It's great to get new ideas. I'm sure my mom will love them.


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