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Day trip to Tigre

April 17, 2012

We finally got around to taking a day trip to Tigre, a small town about an hour north of Buenos Aires at the mouth of the Parana delta. It's a popular weekend escape for porteƱos and the jumping off point for exploring the delta waterways. We took the train from BsAs and then signed up for a cheap tourist boat tour that was surprisingly fun. We had been hoping to go kayaking, but the rental place was closed on Mondays, so we're planning to go back another time.

Our ride (called a "lancha")
The houses in the delta aren't connected by roads, but by waterways. All of the houses have their own personalized dock, which often includes a mailbox. Our tourist boat was also delivering fresh water and furniture.

Before the boat tour, we took a walk around the town. I've been trying to improve my photo technique and took the opportunity to practice. Here's a few of what I came up with:

A few weeks ago, the photographer who shot these wonderful photos of me and Ben took me on a photo walk around our neighborhood to give me a few pointers. She told me to focus on color, lines, patterns and texture in my photos.

For example, we found this brightly painted facade on a side street. The photos on the left is how I would have thought to shoot it originally. In photo on the top right, I tried to change the ange. And on the bottom right, I tried not to put my focal point in the center. The third is my favorite.
- Steph

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