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El Chalten: Conclusions

March 23, 2012

Start from the beginning of our Patagonian adventure.

So why did we love hiking near El Chalten so much? First, the scenery is beautiful the entire time. Hiking in New England often means hours of hiking in thick forest, with the only real payoff at the end once you get above treeline. In El Chalten, there are a few really beautiful moments (Laguna de los Tres, the views of Mount Fitz Roy), but there are a million smaller breathtaking views all along the way. There’s no sense of rushing to see your destination. As the cliche goes, it’s the journey that’s important.

Second, you can design your own itinerary easily, depending on how many days you have, what you want to see, and how fast you’re going. The campsites aren’t so far apart to demand covering certain distances on certain days. And most importantly, it’s easy to set up camp and then head out on day hikes. We spent our first two nights at Campamento Poincenot, which meant we could spend a whole day without our heavy packs. It made the hiking much more enjoyable.

Finally, and more of this once we get to Torres del Paine, hiking in El Chalten isn’t commercialized. The park starts right outside of the town, so you head there on your own terms. There are no lodges or stores inside the park, just basic campgrounds meant to provide shelter from the wind and rain.

But for now, on to El Calafate...

el chalten town argentina
El Chalten


  1. Totally agree El Chalten is amazing. I also love how you can have a rack of lamb and a glass of wine afterwards. That said, Chilean Patagonia and Torres del Paine has its advantages as well. Here are our conclusions of the two trekking meccas: http://beachesandbackpacks.com/2015/01/06/the-best-trekking-in-patagonia-el-chalten-vs-torres-del-paine/

    1. Great post! Thanks for sharing. They're both great destinations, no doubt about it.


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