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Sunday in San Telmo: art, antiques, music, tango

January 15, 2012
Today we spent the afternoon at the San Telmo art fair, open Tuesday-Sunday but reportedly best on Sundays. It centers on the corner of Independencia and Defensa in San Telmo (near the Subte), and extends for many blocks around.

It's similar to the Recoleta arts fair, but much larger, and unlike Recoleta which mostly has handicrafts, this area included several antique malls and shops, with everything from knights in armor to old telephones to porcelain.

Also adjacent to the fair were several covered markets with produce and artisan food supplies. At one stand we bought two peaches which turned out to be so delicious that we went back and bought six more, and all manner of other produce for the rest of the week. We even got fairly decent lettuce!

Captain Jack Sparrow

Tango in the park

Then we took the 64 bus back home, which took a very roundabout route, a nice tour through the city on a beautiful day.

The pancakes were for breakfast (with our newly imported maple syrup!)

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