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Israel 2011

June 18, 2011
In Mahane Yehuda, the central Jerusalem shuk
Jaffa Street is now closed to car and bus traffic, but the new light rail is still undergoing unexplained months of testing.
Brunch with Ben's sisters
The Dead Sea

View from Masada
Arab neighborhood of Silwan in East Jerusalem
Descending into the City of David excavations
Before entering the 1/3-mile long, 3000-year-old [waist-high] water tunnel

Jerusalem Festival of Lights in the old city
Following the light trails in the old city

Heavy security for the festival

The Western Wall (Kotel)
Biblical scenes in mosaics

Nahalat Binyamin art colony in Tel Aviv
Colorful currency
Driving through the Negev

Ramon Crater in the Negev Desert
Starting our hike

To our first peak
Top of Harut Hill, getting our bearings

A vertical lava flow (dayik in Hebrew) bisecting the multi-colored rock carved by water over eons. (Where's Mr Bouley when you need him?)
Car Ho! A sight for sore eyes.
Photos taken June 14-18, 2011

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